Pondering the Unpleasantries of Life

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Seeking meaning in it all.

When the narrative about you from gossip has a more active life than you do.

When people find ways to profit off of you but you’re still broke.

When the harsh realities hit home or your actual home.

When crashing waves hit your calm shore.

When you realize smarter people have figured you out better than you ever will.

When money is of no concern to some but for you it’s the only one that won’t go away.

When your cat has it more together than you do.

When you would rather be a cat than a human except you fear you will still be a stray.

When you feel lesser than but hope you can still at least shout.

When you haphazardly embarrass yourself but there’s nowhere else to go.

When you have bills to pay but your wishes for riches hasn’t yet been granted.

When you cave in easily to charming behavior but then laugh as you pay the price for it.

When you don’t want to look in the mirror because you’re hoping you’re actually somebody else.

When you finally wake up and smell the coffee but you’re old now.

When everything works out nonetheless.

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I express my creativity in many different ways.

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