It’s Not About Religion But Rather Relationship

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Jesus is the best friend anyone can ever have. He’s my best friend and he loves me unconditionally.

We are naturally spiritual people. We want to connect our spirituality somewhere. I choose Christian spirituality. There are other means and it is a personal choice. I’m no theologian. I’m just a believer. I have had miracles in my life. I have felt the presence of God, but I have also felt Him seem far away. No matter what I never stop seeking Him. I read the Bible and learn to discern His voice. I don’t want to be led by bad influences. And I don’t want to live this life haphazardly left only to my own devices. God knows best.

We reach God spiritually. We are born spiritual beings. Some of us might be more naturally spiritually-inclined than others. Many seek out a spiritual practice. But be careful what spirituality you pick. Speaking for myself, I choose to connect with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit - the Holy Trinity.

Those who follow the teachings of the Bible do so based on the power of the Word. God’s words do have power. You have to seek God to fully find Him. He will touch you. Maybe not in the way another human would physically touch your face or hand. Don’t expect God to reach out to you like another human; it might not happen that way. Yet, don’t get easily discouraged when you don’t “feel” Him. He is Omnipotent. Let Him surprise you.

There is suffering in the world that no one can answer. Some have harsher lives than others. It causes people to ask, “How can there even be a God with all the suffering people?” My humble answer is that we aren’t in heaven yet. We are still living in the world. In heaven there will be all the beauty we wish we had here. Isn’t that something to keep us going? For the day when we will live in heaven with God among us. However, we can’t rush it. We can’t end our lives in a hurry to get to heaven. It happens when God calls us, when He’s ready for us.

I know I will still make mistakes even when I know better; I’m a human being. If I realize I have done wrong, I ask for forgiveness from Jesus who died for my sins. I then try better the next time and don’t willingly sin just to ask for forgiveness later. I aim to do the best I can, but I can rely on having a kind and merciful God. Yet, he is all powerful. I’m not in charge, He is. I don’t question. I just submit and trust in Him.

Certain times in life seem to present more temptations than others. As we get older, it gets easier to resist because we are just too tired to get into mischief. While some are born highly disciplined, it’s not uncommon for others to struggle. Strive to do good and to be better.

Admitting when you are wrong used to be a virtue. No one should be applauded for how well they deny or hide their misdeeds. But in the end, God takes care of things. That’s why I follow my conscience.

God can turn the sky into any color. He can also make any change needed in you. Do you need His help? Just ask Him.

God hears. I know because He answers my prayers (in his ways and not always what I ask for yet sometimes even better) and He keeps me safe. He loves me and that will never end. God is all powerful and people should fear Him. God wins! And as a child of God so do I.

I don’t look perfect. I’m not perfect. But that doesn’t mean I’m not close to God. This world has a foothold in hell and it keeps grabbing at God’s people. I might have been attacked, but I’m still a child of God, and I always will be!

God is the “movie director” for my life. He leads me and I follow. If things go awry, it’s because I improvised. My trust is in Him.

Ask God your questions and read The Bible so you will know Him and can recognize when He’s answering.

Faith does get actualized but you have to believe in God. Non-believers won’t understand. Believe and you will.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”
— Deuteronomy 31:6

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