I Write to Socialize Not to Be Famous

Christine Arata
2 min readFeb 4, 2023
“…Camille Claudel L’Implorante 8703.jpg” by Vassil is marked with CC0 1.0.

I don’t write for attention. I originally started writing as a way to earn an income. After years of failing at that, my writing has now become a hobby, but it’s also how I connect with others.

I like to create.

I made films starting in college. Then years later, I made videos and graphics, and took photographs. When the Internet came about, I made websites. And in recent years, I’ve been writing. Writing is just another form of self-expression, just as those other creative outlets were/are.

I share them publicly because they are public art forms that require an audience. Films and videos need to be watched, photos and graphics viewed, websites browsed, and writing read.

As an introvert, it’s through these self-expressions that I socialize, and connect with others. Rather than seeking out a group of people to have relationships with, I create the conversation in an art form, and then send that out into the public sphere. I send my art out into the world to speak for me, so I don’t have to. I repeat, I am an introvert!

While people often analyze or judge me or my art forms, there’s very little intent on my part. I just express myself. It comes from inside. There’s no way for me to predict a response to my work. Just like I can’t coerce people into liking me. I don’t have that…