Film Review: Windows on the World (2019)

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When cultures collide.

I recently watched Windows on the World. It’s a film about a father who leaves Mexico for an opportunity to earn money for his family by working at a restaurant in the World Trade Center. After his family at home in Mexico witness the devastation of 9/11 on TV, his son, Fernando travels to New York to find him.

Fernando follows his father to New York in search of him but he’s actually tracing his footsteps and carrying on the legacy of the family’s presence in the U.S. Being undocumented in America is not an easy feat and Fernando’s dad admits to him that after years of hard work, it takes its toll.

The film makes some great points. Such as Hispanics (or Latinos) are often lumped together with others of the same appearance. Mexicans are from Mexico and are very proud people. When you don’t have much else as far as money or advantages, you at least have your heritage and your self-respect. But not everyone in or from Mexico is poor.

It’s actually a very sophisticated country. Just check out The National Museum of Anthropology, The Palacio de Bellas Artes, and Chapultepec Castle. And that’s just to name a few places in Mexico City. I haven’t been to Mexico for years and I know it has changed since I first went back in the 70s. But the U.S. has also changed a lot since back then.

Edward James Olmos plays the dad in the film. As an actor, his impact in Hollywood started as far back as the 70s, in the 80s on “Miami Vice” and the film, Stand and Deliver, and in the 90s in Selena. His work in mainstream Hollywood is too long to list. His appearances in this film are short but you won’t forget his admirable portrayal of a man who works hard for his family and tells well the price he pays for that. The director of this film is Michael D. Olmos, his son. His son in the film is played by Ryan Guzman.

Windows on the World brings up other insights on the current struggles of those who come across the border and what they face when they get here. It’s worth viewing just to learn more about that. People are often busy looking into other people’s windows. It would be good to do so with more understanding and being educated on a topic helps with that.

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