Do You Need a Miracle Today?

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Photo taken during night of lightning strikes in San Francisco, CA, August 16, 2020

Some people don't believe in miracles because they never needed one.

How do you look at your own life? Do you see miracles? Or does anything in your life even have meaning? Do things just exist? Are you the best thing on the planet?

What I consider a miracle others might say is just a coincidence. It’s the same as describing a red rose as a plant versus a beautiful creation in nature.

I don’t love God based only on what I read in The Bible. I have felt His presence and that of the Holy Spirit. And I have seen evidence of His great works in my life.

Some prefer to be godlike themselves. But they remain human beings with the same limitations of a mere human being, nonetheless. They do not gain superpowers just because they "want" to be a god. If they seek out evil practices to gain superpowers, then they are mixing with a power that is not of the true God. And that’s dangerous.

To some, religion is a fantasy, not for real life. They think it’s something for "one of those people." Terms are used to describe people of faith such as delusional, fanatical, outside of reality, unstable, weak, dumb, judgmental, and intolerant, to name a few. They use those terms because they generalize, stereotype, and have no knowledge of the faith themselves.

Those who have had negative experiences in churches walk away with grudges and might never heal from the trauma. That hurts all churches. But what happens in a church amongst its people and leaders can’t reflect on God himself. There is God and there are His people. He guides us but we still have free will. With that free will we will make mistakes and sometimes sin. Jesus came so that we can have everlasting life. He offers us forgiveness for our sins if we repent and ask for that forgiveness. Jesus never sinned himself. He is not the cause of whatever negative incident happens among church people or their leaders. People can sin and do bad things, but God is without sin. God is love.

Bad experiences with religion can be many. There are bad people in all walks of life, not just in churches. But never blame God for that.

It’s not just a matter of beginning to seek out miracles in your life. God is behind every miracle. You need to know Him. He can’t be a stranger to you. He looks out for all the people of the earth, but if you seek Him out, pray to Him, live by His Word, then you are working with Him, alongside Him, and will live in eternity with Him when that day comes. Miracles will become more noticeable. And you will learn to pray to Him to help you throughout your day. You will never be alone.

Be humble. Know that God is all powerful and yes, we still might get humbled more than once in life. I prefer to submit my life to God. I want to live in a world where I know God is in charge, even if that still doesn’t guarantee life will always be easy. I abhor the alternative.

God is love not hate. I don’t hate people either. They say God hates the sin but loves the sinner. I can’t judge what others are doing wrong. I have done wrong myself. I repented. But don’t judge me by what you think my religion is about or how you think it’s against you and thus I must be against you. Only God gives the final judgement.

Lack of understanding creates chaos. People make things up rather than studying and learning the truth. They go by what they hear not bothering to check on the validity of a thing. It is easier, but it keeps you uninformed. Uninformed people make bad choices, treat others with judgments, and create toxic environments for everyone.

During these days of the pandemic and lockdown, church attendance is restricted. When I’m able to attend mass regularly, I find I can then conduct myself more peacefully. If my ability to go to church is hindered such as via lockdown restrictions, I then act out, talking about my religion even more on social media. I need that closeness to God so if I can’t get that in church (via the sacraments), then I need to recreate that experience wherever I can. I need to connect with God somewhere else. Try to take Him away from me and I will naturally rebel with lots of talk about Him. It isn’t even intentional. I just need to do it.

Do you know what would be a good miracle? That this pandemic ended, that the lockdown ended, and that we were again free to come and go, mask-free. I’m praying for that, as are others, daily. That’s the benefit of living in the world with believers, everyone benefits from the miracles we pray for. I’m not praying for a vaccine. I’m praying for a miracle. I leave it up to God to fix things. His way is always better than anything I could ever imagine. And that is a miracle.

I pray that is a miracle everyone can witness.

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