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Photo taken during night of lightning strikes in San Francisco, CA, August 16, 2020

Some people don't believe in miracles because they never needed one.

How do you look at your own life? Do you see miracles? Or does anything in your life even have meaning? Do things just exist? Are you the best thing on the planet?

What I consider a miracle others might say is just a coincidence. It’s the same as describing a red rose as a plant versus a beautiful creation in nature.

I don’t love God based only on what I read in The Bible. I have felt His presence and that of the Holy Spirit. …

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Photo by Rob Mulally on Unsplash

Where were you when I was alone and in despair? Nowhere to be found. Who was there and came to my rescue? Jesus.

A couple of years ago, I went through a rough time. I wasn’t suicidal but I was in deep anguish. However, I can understand wanting to escape from this life. Unfortunately, there have been many recent reports about suicides. I believe in the value of living.

It’s too easy to think we can escape with suicide. It seems like an easy out but it isn’t. If you end your life, there’s no coming back. What you do…

A person stands in front of the Thinker sculpture
A person stands in front of the Thinker sculpture
Photo by Erik Aquino on Unsplash

As Chris Isaak sang in “Wicked Game” — “Nobody loves no one.”

Do you ever feel like a kicked dog? Then turn around and bark and growl ferociously. And then go on with your day.

It’s good to be nice but not to the point of being taken advantage of because then you aren’t being nice to yourself!

Working for someone else can open up a can of worms. Once said, a wise fisherman.

Only I am me. You can’t be me. And I don’t want to be you. Individuality!

I’m not trying to be anything or anybody. Anyone that…

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How I was rescued and pulled back into the church fold.

Just yesterday I published this: It’s Not About Religion But Rather Relationship. Today as I was re-reading it, I realized there needed to be a Part II. While it’s true that our relationship with God is very personal and direct, that all gets enhanced and magnified when we attend church. And I aim to prove that here.

I say that as someone who has only recently started to go to church again regularly. That is until we have been told to stay home during this lockdown due to the…

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Jesus is the best friend anyone can ever have. He’s my best friend and he loves me unconditionally.

We are naturally spiritual people. We want to connect our spirituality somewhere. I choose Christian spirituality. There are other means and it is a personal choice. I’m no theologian. I’m just a believer. I have had miracles in my life. I have felt the presence of God, but I have also felt Him seem far away. No matter what I never stop seeking Him. I read the Bible and learn to discern His voice. I don’t want to be led by bad…

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Photo by Hannah Wei on Unsplash

Low wages and the proposed Federal minimum wage.

“Taking advantage of someone’s need for a job and paying them only pennies to perform work so you can get rich is an example of Exploitation.” — defintion per And having a job doesn’t mean your needs are now taken care of. Statistics that show unemployment is low don’t equate with people being able to pay their bills or afford a place to live. I agree with the Democratic political push to increase the federal minimum wage.

In 1989 I was earning $12 an hour as a transcriptionist. That was good…

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Image Credit: netsay/Pond5

For Women Banking on a Bright Financial Future

We tell women how to dress for an interview and tips on what to say, but how to stay financially viable is not always common knowledge. Knowing how to get a job is just the beginning. And having a job is just one part of your financial plan. You have the job, now what? What you do with your money while you are working has everything to do with how bright your future will be. Life also has its unexpected interruptions, and we aren’t always prepared for them. Smart women are learning…

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From the online response to her song, I am not alone.

If you didn’t watch this year’s 62nd Grammy Awards, then you missed out. Demi Lovato gave the most beautiful and striking performance. Even though the show itself received low ratings, there was tons of buzz around Demi and her song. An article in The Atlantic discussed how Demi Lovato’s song might heal. For me, I loved it and the performance, but not as a form of healing, but rather as confirmation.

Anyone (Live From The 62nd GRAMMY ® Awards)

I too had a time in my life when no…

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Remember you are loved. — Martha Fernández-Sardina

There are times in our lives when we feel bashed by this harsh world. If we don’t heal from that, the results can be disastrous. It’s subtle but if you turn to Jesus, He will soften your heart. Don’t ever feel you are too far from Him because you never will be. He will forgive you if you sincerely ask Him. It is reassuring to follow Him and to know you are on His team.

Those who say faith is a crutch are wrong. Food isn’t a crutch, is it? Food is a…

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